About 52 Flash


Welcome to 52 Flash.

My name is Shelley Burbank. Currently, I’m working as a writer for my home-town newspaper, the Waterboro Reporter and as a publisher assistant for an academic publishing company Myers Education Press.

I have been published in national magazines TRUE STORY, TRUE CONFESSIONS, and TRUE LOVE and in little & literary magazines THE MAINE REVIEW and THE KATHERINE PRESS REVIEW. I also published a blog on sustainability called LOCALISTA where you can read my essays.

I have worked as a receptionist, administrative assistant, newspaper reporter, gym attendant, substitute teacher, volunteer librarian, Girl Scout leader, bookseller, supermarket cashier, food service worker, and freelance writer. I write fiction–short stories (some have been published) and novels (none published yet) and a smidgen of poetry, most recently haiku.

So, what is exactly is 52 Flash? It is a collection of stories of 500 words or less. I like short-short fiction for its concise nature and the freedom it allows writers to try new structures, forms, themes, and genres without a huge commitment of time (or angst!). That is not to say writing flash fiction (or microfiction or short fiction) is easy. On the contrary, writing “short” requires a writer to be aware of every word, every image. Writing flash fiction is an exercise in craft. It’s a challenge to see how much I can create with limited space and syllables.

I’ve also started posting a serialized novella, Finding Penny, that I am writing on Wattpad.com.

In the spirit of collaboration and sharing, I’ve created a blog post on here called The Reading Room where I encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings about what you are reading, the world of literature, or anything book-related. Maybe you’ll meet some new people who share you interest in all things story.

So, enjoy this sampler. Drop me a line if you have anything to share. I love talking writing and stories and books and authors. I might even be up for a guest post or two.



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